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A dental crown, also known as a cap, is placed over a tooth to restore that tooth’s shape, strength, and size.  A crown is placed to protect a tooth that is weak due to a crack, fracture, worn down, decay, or severely discolored. It is also recommended to crown a tooth that has been endodontically treated with a root canal. 
Our office offers multiple options for crowns, together we will choose which crown is best for you!

- Porcelain crowns are typically preferred by patients when restoring front teeth. These crowns are made completely out of porcelain and appear as a natural tooth. Porcelain crowns are not recommended on posterior teeth because they are not as durable as a crown made with metal. 

- Porcelain fused to metal crowns are considered to be the best choice when strength and aesthetics are a concern for anterior and posterior teeth. This crown is strong yet gives a natural appearance because it is composed of metal with porcelain fused on top of it.                

- Gold crowns are often placed on posterior teeth that are affected by a patient who frequently clenches or grinds. Gold crowns are preferred due to the strength and longevity they provide because they will not chip or break as a porcelain crown could. The only disadvantage of a gold crown is the appearance is not always aesthetically pleasing to patients.